"In the morning, as I get up, get ready for work, make a cup of coffee, and then jump in the car, I talk out my upcoming day--out loud. This includes critical discussions I have on today's docket, important meetings in which I intend to state my case or make an appreciable contribution, difficult messages I need to convey such as an employee termination or a contract dissolution, and of course, any official presentation I'm scheduled to deliver. I rehearse these things aloud so that by the time I'm in the moment, I've already explored and landed upon my favorite (and not-so-favorite) ways to express myself accurately and succinctly. It's a great exercise to increase your confidence and power as a communicator, and to work out the bugs so you don't inadvertently put your foot in your mouth."

--Denise M. Dudley, behavioral psychologist and founder of SkillPath Seminars, a U.S. training company that delivers more than 18,000 training sessions per year

Published on: Apr 2, 2019