Too often, companies slip into a strictly transactional relationship with customers. Instead, start using the "See, Think, Do, Care" framework to see your customers in a new light, and make those relationships stronger. Here's how it works.

First, create a table with the four column heads: See, Think, Do and Care.

  • The "See" column is anyone who could potentially buy your products.
  • The "Think" column is the same individuals, only including those who are thinking about your brand.
  • The "Do" column are people hot to buy your products.
  • The "Care" column includes customers who have bought from you more than twice.

After breaking down your audiences, think about which signals your customers provide during their digital touch points in their journey. This can include keyword searches, page views, and visual content clicks.

Record these signals within the columns, and analyze how you're assisting customers in their journey.