If you want people to listen to you, you need to have something to say. What does your business stand for? With content marketing, many marketers never get past the starting line because they're aiming for perfection.

In the beginning, your main goal should be to refine your message and your delivery. If you like to write, start blogging. If you like to talk, shoot videos. If you're more of an artist, take photos.

If you're not ready to produce original content, you can expertly gather it. A few years ago, I started a newsletter for entrepreneurs that recommended one new software tool each week, and quickly built an engaged following. Create a YouTube channel of your favorite videos, or a round-up of your favorite news articles, or an Instagram feed that re-posts (with permission) other popular content.

Every podcast host is essentially a curator, bringing together interesting experts to have discussions around a central topic. You can do it too.