An engaged email list is undoubtedly one of the most useful assets you can have as a business owner in the digital age. You've probably heard of the traditional, proven methods of capturing email addresses , from creating pop-up forms to inserting sign-up buttons all over your website. Here's a clever way to use YouTube to increase subscribers.

We've all seen (and probably skipped through) a large number of YouTube pre-roll ads over the years. Yet, as annoying as these ads can be, the success that entrepreneurs like Alex Becker and Sam Ovens have amassed from YouTube ads illustrates the potential power the strategy has for building brand awareness and capturing emails as well. Try creating a video promoting an upcoming webinar or other event you'll be hosting. After explaining all the reasons viewers should tune into your free webinar, make it mandatory they give you their email address to register for the webinar.

Also, if you're trying to increase newsletter subscribers, then include a link to said newsletter in your bios on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and beyond. As simple as this may seem, if you have a decent number of engaged followers, they'll probably want to get to know you on a deeper level by subscribing to your newsletter.