Luckily, there are things every website owner can do to help improve a site's ranking in search without requiring deep SEO knowledge or extra time and cost. The simplest trick--that surprisingly few businesses use--involves "entities."

Entities are concepts that Google has verified. The search engine uses them to determine the authenticity, authority, and trustworthiness of a page's information. For example, is an entity. In practical terms, this means that Google considers a highly authoritative source of information, because it has verified's value and existence. It then spreads that aura of trust to the websites mentions, and those websites that link to

How does this help you? As a business owner, you'll likely create copy that describes services or products on specific web pages. Usually, that text focuses on what the business does, its message to its public, what makes it stand out from the crowd, and how it can best meet its audience's needs. In the past, search engine optimization efforts focused solely on keywords in that text. Now, the most "searchable" web copy contains entities--or alludes to them in some way. That makes Google assess it differently. So, consider integrating entities into your copy to improve search results.