You may need staff as your company begins the scaling process, but also consider using forms of automation at key checkpoints in the business.

For example, you may want to consider setting up a chatbot to help with the influx of new customers. According to a 2018 report on the state of chatbots, 64 percent of the consumers surveyed said that the biggest benefit of chatbots is the ability to get round-the-clock service. If you can have an "on call" chatbot to help with the flow of customer inquiries, you can grow exponentially, because you have one less thing to worry about in the scaling process.

You can also use automation tools to:

  • Automate company payments and employee payroll
  • Create a training module for new hires that can be followed automatically
  • Establish an automated marketing system, such as a chatbot, in which you simply follow and act upon the data it gathers

It may take some time to set up these processes, but over the long term, it will likely become clear why many successful businesses are using automation tools.