The email you receive about your business can feel relentless. However, a few small tweaks to your routine can reduce stress and decrease the amount of time you spend on your inbox.

  • Do an unsubscribe sweep. Go through your inbox (and your Trash folder) and unsubscribe from any email messages, newsletters or promotional email lists you waste time archiving or deleting every day.
  • Use Google's built in "Canned Responses" or save Drafts of common email responses to copy/paste, and save you the time spent typing out common responses.
  • Use the auto-correct feature on your phone to create your own canned responses on mobile. (On iPhone: Settings > General > Keyboard >Text Replacement) For example, you can create shortcuts like typing "conf1" to insert your conference dial-in information to an email or calendar invite.
  • Keep it short and sweet. Brevity, as long as it doesn't appear rude, can be one of the best time-savers of all.

Published on: Nov 8, 2018