Research compiled by Brookings Institution indicates that financial literacy is made up of core concepts about money and finances with foundational skills and psychological factors. It results in financial behavior or "experiential learning" that builds a money mindset.

Taking a financial education course can help with this development. Whether the course is online or live at a seminar, it can help make future money decisions much more well-informed. When looking for a course, know that financial literacy is complex and probably requires a comprehensive lesson plan. 

The FDIC offers a Money Smart online education course focused on personal financial management. These lessons can help a startup founder look at money differently in all aspects of life. Additionally, Smart About Money is a set of courses offered by the National Endowment for Financial Education. The nonprofit focuses on improving the financial literacy of Americans and provides courses on subjects like earning money, planning for financial well-being, handling life events, and implementing a retirement strategy. There's no shortage of courses just like these to help expand your understanding of how to make money work for you and your business.

Published on: May 20, 2019