The difference between startups that win and startups that lose is that the former have leaders who recognize the need to systematically plan growth. Growth may seem like an organic event, but steady, reliable growth is backed by pure, unsexy strategy.

You can't grow your organization until you invest in the proper tech infrastructure. The financial industry, for example, has typically depended on face-to-face interactions to maintain client relationships and word-of-mouth praise from brand advocates to grow. But that's not enough anymore. For wealth managers and financial advisors, that means being able to securely connect with their customers across all channels and around the globe.

Replace any limiting IT infrastructure with more robust solutions to keep up if you experience a major growth spurt or need to adapt to industry changes. For instance, Singapore's DBS Bank, which early on adapted the use of AI chatbots in its mobile banking app, again updated its infrastructure with an API platform. That move was the bank's way of adapting to industry shifts and customer needs.

Published on: May 23, 2019