You want your team members to work well together. But, sometimes, it's tough to know how to make that happen. Here are some high-leverage approaches to promote collaboration in your company and teams.

1. Create spaces for it.

Physical workspaces need to promote what Zappos calls random collisions. The layout of your workspaces should direct people to see people as they move from meeting to meeting. Have spaces that promote group activities, including brainstorming sessions.

2. Maintain zero tolerance for incivility.

Psychological safety has been identified by Google and academic researchers as a major factor to teams that produce great work. Incivility, the intentional rude behavior directed at others, undermines a safe environment. When uncivil behavior surfaces, stop it quickly.

3. Inquire about collaboration overload.

It is possible to overuse collaboration. Meet with employees one-on-one. Inquire about progress in their projects. Examine how much downtime they need in order to do non-project-oriented work. Ask your employees about their wellbeing. Remember, those of us who are introverts can become fatigued if we don't have time to decompress from all the collaboration. Conversely, your extraverts may not give enough attention to solo work.