It's no secret that working in a high-stress environment affects everything from your physical health to your psychological well-being. If you're criticized, insulted, or belittled in the workplace, it's likely to affect your relationships. Research consistently shows individuals who are mistreated at work are likely to mistreat their families.

Two key things you can do to leave your work-related stress at the office; get plenty of sleep and exercise. One study's participants who walked 10,900 steps (about 5 miles) each day were less likely to be abusive toward family members when compared to participants who took 7,000 steps.

Researchers say burning an additional 587 calories could reduce the harmful effects of workplace mistreatment. For the average American male, that means an hour of swimming or a brisk 90-minute walk.

The study also found that sleep-deprivation is a key component in poor self-regulation skills. Getting more sleep--and better-quality sleep--is key to increasing your mental energy so you can combat poor impulse control.