If you must ask employees to work long hours over the holidays because of increased demand, year-end deadlines, the need to keep the business open, or for other reasons, consider the following tips. They can help make working through the holidays much less of a burden:

  1. Have a meal or snacks. Celebrate and toast the season together, even if only with sparkling apple juice. Also have plenty of snacks and beverages on hand for employees to indulge in if they can only take a quick break.
  2. Encourage silliness. Holiday time brings out the child in all of us, so as long as needed work gets done, it's a great time to let employees cut loose and bring a little party atmosphere into the workplace.
  3. Give people mini-breaks. Even if your employees don't work on an hourly basis, look for ways to give people working on holidays the opportunity to take an hour or two away so they can re-charge.