Pick a time in your life when you feared something bad would happen, and then it did. Once you have that event in mind, review and respond to the following questions. Grab a pen and a piece of paper, and jot down the answers to these questions. Don't overthink it.

  1. Before this bad event happened, what were you worried about?
  2. How did this fear come true?
  3. How did you feel the moment you first learned about this terrible event, then at one week and one month?
  4. What actions did you take to start to improve the situation?
  5. What worked? What didn't work?
  6. Who came to help you out?
  7. Did your pre-worrying about the event help prepare you?
  8. What did you learn about yourself going through that event?

These questions are designed to help you better understand your fears and how you typically respond. Your answers can help give you perspective and prepare you for future difficulties. Focus on what worked and who was there to help you.