You already know why disgruntled employees turn sour--a terrible boss, toxic work environment, or out-of-whack work-life balance. It's the departures that come out of nowhere that leave you puzzled and incorrectly assuming, "Exits like these are just a fact of life."

For many of us, our job isn't just a job. It's a series of robust chapters in the story of our life. Too few leaders think of an employee's narrative: What role is the job playing in their life? How is it weaving into the overall fabric of who they are and the story they want their life to tell? When employees leave a job even when they're reasonably happy, something triggered a reevaluation. Perhaps a personal crisis. Maybe watching someone else exit the company.

Whatever the reason, today's workforce is increasingly expecting more from their job than just a paycheck. A good-enough job is no longer good enough. They want it to be a part of their legacy, a worthy and worthwhile part of the overall story they want to tell. Get feedback from employees by asking them what they want. You'll get important information about what your company needs to focus on in order to retain its best talent.

Published on: Apr 3, 2019