In any sales job, selling should never be the end goal. True sales professionals, whether entrepreneurs or corporate suits, know that the heart of their jobs is about helping other humans solve pain points. So, stop and ask yourself if the training you're getting would actually help someone and make a difference to their business.

The best salespeople do a lot of research on the potential customer's business needs before they even try to sell anything. And once in a meeting, they practice being empathetic. This includes listening to the other person and understanding when is and is not a good time to purchase the product you are trying to sell, and how to proceed. If budget is a problem, you might suggest a payment plan or some other alternative deal. Empathetic salespeople are also patient in their follow-up process to close the deal.

Rather than rushing for the sale, treat every conversation with a potential customer like a practice session for compassion and empathy. Ultimately, those things will be what helps customers reach their goals.

Published on: Jun 12, 2019