Small Business Saturday has become an important event for small businesses during the holiday shopping season. Consumers are more aware of the importance of "shopping small," and some make a commitment to doing their holiday shopping that day with small retailers. Here's how to make the most of it.

  • Get free resources: To help ensure small business success, American Express provides free resources to businesses participating in the event. You can download everything from content for social media to website badges and email templates to custom flyers and signage for a physical store. You can even get materials in Spanish.
  • Extend your hours: Small Business Saturday typically results in greater foot traffic. Plus, the people who will check your business out on Small Business Saturday will be new to your business and won't be familiar with your store hours and standard processes. See what other businesses are doing; see if any events are being held nearby, and plan your store hours accordingly. Make sure you post any changes on your website and social pages.
  • Find partners: Think about small businesses that offer complementary products and services, and work together to run promotions. If you own a gym, bundle incentives with a local health food store. If you own a clothing store, bundle incentives with a local jewelry store, hair salon, or spa. That way your marketing can go twice as far, and your pool of potential customers can be twice as big.

Published on: Nov 24, 2018