Deliver products, services, and experiences that are not only memorable and meaningful, but ones they will be compelled to talk about to their family, friends, and anyone who will listen.

Producing the remarkable should be priority number one in your business. When you focus on delivering experiences that delight, your customers will gladly spread the word about you on your behalf.

Being remarkable doesn't have to mean exploding your budget to deliver over-the-top experiences. Sometimes simple gestures are all it takes to make a lasting impression.

Daniel Lemin, co-author of Chatter Matters: The 2018 Word of Mouth Report, says that something as small as a fresh-baked cookie was a major part of what made their stay at a DoubleTree Hotel remarkable. About a third of customers will talk about that cookie without being asked. It's a fairly reasonable gesture, but it's remarkable. It's something you talk about.

Published on: Nov 18, 2018