Several years ago, Karen Tiber Leland, president of Sterling Marketing Group, completed an international survey of more than 20,000 business owners and leaders around the world. Many of those she interviewed were millionaires, mostly due to their smart ideas, hard work--and time management habits. Most of us wait until the very last step of a big goal or when a task is completed before experiencing any sense of completion, satisfaction, or accomplishment. Not so for the super-successful businesspeople Leland interviewed.

One habit they shared was that of enthusiastically taking energetic credit for any action they completed, no matter how seemingly small or insignificant. There was no waiting for the big bang at the end where 100 percent of the work was done before experiencing closure. Instead, to stay motivated, they generated energy all along the way by fully recognizing (and celebrating) each item they completed.

Ask yourself: What progress have I made on a larger project or to-do that I have not given myself full credit for?