Blogging offers an amazing opportunity to build authority and earn income. You can create a blog about anything you know or in which you have experience. The key is to choose a niche--serving a specific audience is better than writing about a jumble of topics.

Whether you want to focus on a business topic like growth marketing or a personal passion like a sport, choose a vertical and dive in. With effort and time, your blog can generate income and position you as an authority in your space. It may even help you make a profit.

You can use your blog to position yourself as an expert in any field. Take Facebook marketing, for example. Facebook Messenger marketing and Messenger chatbots are on the rise, and the marketing possibilities are endless.

If you're a digital marketing or social media consultant, leverage the buzz surrounding Facebook chatbots, and create a blog that's all about using Facebook Messenger chatbots for businesses. Potential topics could include things like why chatbots are great for business, how to set up a chatbot, how to use it to capture leads, the lower cost for click-to-messenger ads, etc.

Over time, you can use your blog to build authority as a Facebook chatbot expert. With a blog as your base, you can successfully add a chatbot consultancy to your business.