Virtually every product crowdfunding campaign gains momentum with pre-launch marketing. In fact, those first sign-ups actually turn out to be our clients' most loyal followers. The idea is to gauge that audience and then nurture them into becoming your ambassadors right from the moment you decide to launch your campaign.

With more than 2 billion monthly users, Facebook is one of the best marketing platforms you can use before you launch your campaign. Use targeted ads to generate email update sign-ups. Once you have your first batch of subscribers, nurture them into becoming your campaign ambassadors. Send three to five email messages before you launch your campaign and make sure you present your story and value proposition in each one. Then, make your pre-launch subscribers feel even more special with special discounts and offers. These could be limited time perks (valid within the first 24 hours of launch), 1+1 deals or any additional discount. This will help you reach the first 50 percent of your goal faster and much earlier than expected.