Instead of adopting the role of salesperson in a traditional sense--someone who sells products or services--three small shifts can change the relationship. Make yourself more effective by:

  1. Elevating your positioning to trusted business advisor. Your goal is not to be merely a seller of products and services, but to become a trusted business advisor. Buyers require more than what you sell; they also want the value and expertise you bring to their organization.
  2. Modifying your personality style to accommodate your prospects. Buyers have different personalities. Analytical types want lots of details. Directors, you must spoon feed information as they request it. They prefer the big picture and don't want to become immersed in details, either face-to-face or in emails.
  3. Effective prospecting is the result of quantity and quality. Your lead-generation strategy must consist of sufficient quantity of prospects, and your execution must be of sufficient quality to convert your touches into appointments.