Driving traffic to ecommerce businesses can feel challenging. Social media algorithms are encouraging brands to keep users on site and drive engagement there, as opposed to linking to your content or products. Search algorithms can make it hard to compete with behemoths like Amazon who have enormous SEO resources.

Instead of trying to fight against these concerning trends, embrace the new opportunities they offer. For example, social commerce makes it possible to drive sales from social media without linking to your website.

And listing your own inventory on Amazon lets you tap into its audience and search reputation instead of trying to compete with it. BigCommerce, for example, can help you to simplify the process of managing omni-channel listings with features like easy cross-listing to third-party sales platforms with a much larger reach than your own site. In this sense, merchants can use BigCommerce as a central business hub that has many spokes, or, as they call it, "commerce as a service."

Published on: Apr 19, 2019