One way to increase interest in open positions is to write job descriptions that resemble sales pitches. Focus on including factors like whether or not a new hire will be able to grow within the company or travel for work.

“Putting the benefits of that specific role up front is more valuable than listing the criteria,” says Joanna Riley, the CEO of Censia, a talent acquisition firm that has worked with companies such as Carvana, Taylor Morrison, and the World Bank.

Whatever you do, avoid simply copying boilerplate job descriptions from the web, she says. Your company is unique, and so is the job you’re filling, so write the posting to reflect that and the specific type of candidate who will thrive in the role. Make sure to outline the company’s culture and its policies on inclusion and diversity, Riley adds. And don’t rely on an out-of-date qualification list. Include the ones that matter, like visa status or employee location, but eliminate details that would unnecessarily shrink your talent pool.