Today, companies need to keep their technology current to compete. "Technology upgrades can have a significant impact on the bottom line. But there are caveats: the business must vet the technological upgrades, understand how an implementation cycle will take place, accurately calculate Return on Investment (ROI), and carry out the execution properly," says Quantam Solutions CEO Richard Van Staten.

Van Staten also has a warning for businesses that may have fallen behind: "Businesses need to be prepared for tomorrow, not today. Upgrading legacy technological systems is an effective way to do that, as long as it's done thoughtfully and meticulously. We are no longer in an age whereby workarounds prove sufficient. The expectation of the consumer market demands that the right technological solutions are in place."

Launching and growing a successful business is no simple task, and maintaining that growth and success over time is the most difficult challenge of all. There is more than enough work involved and a myriad of tools you'll need in your toolbox in order to be successful. These three areas of your organization are essential to your future success, serving as a pragmatic checklist to ensure that your business is maximizing its potential and not falling behind.