When you're speaking with someone, it's crucial that you and the person with whom you're speaking are on the same page. When you are talking business or debating a point, paraphrase their ideas back to them to make sure there is a mutual understanding.

Here is an excellent example of how you should paraphrase:

Person A: "We need to start investing in a new generator. It will save us money."

You: "Okay, so you think that we need to spend the money on a new generator because it will save us money in the long run. Can you tell me how it will save us money?"

In this example, you can see how paraphrasing lays their idea out so that you both understand the concept on the table. You can then use this to steer the conversation in a productive direction. As you practice this tactic, you'll learn that it gets easier to paraphrase ideas back to the other person in the conversation.

Published on: Jan 12, 2019