Once a week, schedule yourself three to four hours of “focus time.” You may want to choose a time earlier in the day to avoid being sidetracked by random emails and tasks. Some choose to designate “Focus Friday.”

Turn your mobile phone off, shut down email, and focus on just one or two high-value activities that will help your business grow. Some ideas for what you might do include:

  • Close a major strategic relationship that leads to a massive increase in sales.
  • Plan a great senior-level hire.
  • Make a key strategy decision about pricing, business model, selection of market, etc.
  • Create a plan to improve company culture.
  • Question a “sacred cow” in your business that has become a drain on resources.

This uninterrupted block of time allows you to do your best work. When you leave the office, you’ll know that you have created real value for your company. 

Published on: Nov 21, 2018