Editor's Note: This article is part of Inc.'s weekly report on business niches in partnership with financial information company Sageworks

While housing starts figures and other reports fluctuate by the month, on the whole, U.S. construction and real estate companies are performing exceptionally well this year.

Privately held construction and real estate companies moved into another quarter of strong profitability and revenue growth during the third quarter of 2014. That's according to private company statements filed over the past year analyzed by financial information company Sageworks.

Real estate agents and home builders stood out in particular, growing revenues at a double-digit pace.

“As we know, the last recession was driven by real estate,” says Sageworks chairman Brian Hamilton. “The construction and real estate sectors have rebounded, and they’re continuing to perform well this year.”

Hamilton added that the U.S. is at the tail end of an expansionary period for real estate and construction.

“I doubt that these growth figures for real estate and construction companies will be sustainable forever, but they’ve had a very strong year in terms of their financial performance.”


Note about timeframe: Each data point is a trailing 12-month figure, i.e., “Now (As of September 2014)” represents financial statements with an end date between October 1, 2013, and September 30, 2014.