Nope, it's not a movie remake or a new series on Netflix. Facebook has recently posted a job position seeking, as the posting actually states, an "Extra- Terrestrial Product Manager."  The job posting eloquently says that "Facebook Connectivity is doing research to develop the next generation technologies to connect everyone on the planet to the Internet."

Striving to create an airborne and space-based connectivity technology, Facebook seems dead serious to somehow make global connectivity work. In other words, Zuckerberg and company hope to create data for everyone on planet earth-- Facebook's connectivity lab is always at work on trying to make this happen. It's a lofty goal they have been working on for several years, and now with this unique job title and posting, they appear to be moving ahead full force.

Let's think carefully about this, and it's impact on you the small business owner or the entrepreneur-- data available for everyone on the planet, even in the most remote places.

This global connectivity concept should be a boom for small businesses and entrepreneurs. Here are three reasons why:

1. The scope of opportunities will become global for all, big and small.

Imagine a strong data signal available for all people on the planet, no matter their location. Your small business or entrepreneurial ventures with ecommerce will have no more limits due to a lack of internet.

For example, you could communicate and do business with customers, strategic partners, vendors, etc. anywhere on the planet, utilizing all the connectivity hardware and software previously lacking from the equation of a world where many still do not have simple access to the internet.

2. Remote third world countries and regions will have a chance to get in the game.

Many regions with geographic isolation, or lacking resources for better infrastructure, will see a boost with connectivity. A simple strong signal beamed from above can allow many creative solutions to alleviate these isolation and infrastructure problems with these areas. And we will need small businesses and entrepreneurs to lead with these expansions.

The future ability to communicate in real time, socially, and virtually with these regions can create paths to open up physical access, modes of delivery, and probably most important, access to legitimate information and education. In turn, your business or entrepreneurial ideas will have new, fertile ground and you will have more opportunities to help with commercialization, public programs, and general well being. 

3. Problems with poverty, disease, and/or lack of clean and safe, potable water will be better managed.

This benefit will be crucial from a social point-of-view. We all want a safer, greener earth, where folks can drink, remove waste, fight disease, and enrich themselves.

However, improving life on the planet in underdeveloped regions should also create a landslide of entrepreneurial pursuits. It will open up a bevy of real business opportunities, which are also so very important for the generations that follow us. Healthcare and the basic sustenance of food and water will be improved, and your start-ups, your small business, or your innovations can help, and be made to happen with and help, with global connectivity.

To illustrate, imagine:

  • Your regional engineering firm, specializing in GIS and helping to create new water and wastewater systems can now get involved globally to help others in dire need, while simultaneously growing your small business.
  • Your start-up online video agricultural education business, that focuses on nurturing crops or ethically raising livestock for food and dairy, can now provide services in these places, where previously there was no connectivity.
  • Hardware and software small businesses and start-ups could specialize in making sure the connectivity from Facebook's venture actually works; You become a cog in making sure connections can have meaningful impact to the people who need it.

I am sure Facebook wants the whole planet to be on their sites, exchanging pics, memes, and kitten videos. But this job posting illustrates an interesting example of how this huge connectivity endeavor is continuing in its quest to make the world an even smaller place, where we all can create an even bigger impact.

Check out this video on Facebook's connectivity lab, and prepare for a future where we are all connected.

Published on: Feb 8, 2018
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