Video Transcript

00:09 Eric Schurenberg: We got 30 seconds left. So I am going to do a lightning round with you, Gary. You've got to try to answer each of these questions in a sentence or less. Okay, ready?

00:17 Gary Vaynerchuk: Yep.

00:18 Schurenberg: Alright. The dumbest move you've ever seen in social media?

00:22 S2: People saying that if somebody follows me on Facebook I'll donate a dollar to the hurricane Sandy relief. If you are using tragic events or other things of that nature to build up your top line following number, let me give you a news alert, you're a piece of shit.


00:47 Schurenberg: Oh come on Gary, say what you really mean.


00:51 Schurenberg: Best campaign in social media?

00:53 Vaynerchuk: Best campaign in social media? Febreze when they hit a million fans they set up a cam at Proctor and Gamble and people just walked by and thanked people. So all these people, when they hit a million like make it about them, they made it about the people who actually got them there. So I loved that.

01:15 Schurenberg: True or false? Everyone puts too much emphasis on tech entrepreneurs at the expense of other kinds of entrepreneurs?

01:22 Vaynerchuk: Everybody puts...

01:24 Schurenberg: Too much glorification of tech entrepreneurs at the expense of everyone else.

01:27 Vaynerchuk: False. Technology's gonna eat the world. If you don't instill it into your businesses, you're dead.

01:32 Schurenberg: True or false. No one who hasn't tried it understands how hard entrepreneurship really is?

01:38 Vaynerchuk: Super true, right? All our friends who don't roll like us think it's so easy. Nothing's more fun to me then when my friends... I'm 37 now. About 5 years ago when all my friends jumped into entrepreneurship, well not all my friends, some of my friends jumped into entrepreneurship and failed miserably. You have to remember, I forgot how many of you don't know everything about me. I failed every one of my classes, right? So all my high school friends thought they were better than me because they were getting A's and I was getting F's. And I was sitting in the back saying, "Fuckers. I am killing all of you."


02:13 Vaynerchuk: Because I was an entrepreneur, right? I was making money. I knew that they were soft, right? So... [laughter] Seriously you have funny life events, right? I had one really good friend, whose mom was so proud of him. She was coming from a sweet place but she couldn't help it. She gave me like one of these, "Hey, Johnnie's going to Yale, Gary. Where are you going?" Knowing I was going... She wanted to make herself feel better. She wasn't a bad woman. But I'll never forget that moment. I'm like, "You are so lost". I was like, "Johnnie's gonna work for me".


02:50 Vaynerchuk: So I mean this is the best kind of crowd to have this conversation with, 'cause I have the same conversation at like academia conferences. And I don't give a fuck. You guys know what I'm talking about. They get mad, but it's the truth. The worlds...


03:03 Vaynerchuk: I think that most of my friends, that have jumped into it, after going to Harvard and doing all this stuff have found a whole different level of respect for me, 'cause they thought it was easy. "Well, if Gary can do it, he got F's in Spanish." It has nothing to do [laughter] with business. So I thing everybody outside our bubble of building businesses doesn't know what it's like until you taste it. And there's a lot of new entrepreneurs here that did other things. It's a different game, but on the flipside, boy is it fulfilling, right? It feels great. Like when you're doing it for yourself, I don't even know the alternative.

03:36 Schurenberg: So did you ever buy a screw-top wine bottle?

03:38 Vaynerchuk: Absolutely. Screw-tops are great. Corks are awesome but 97% of the wine consumed in America is consumed within the year it hits the shelves and so screw-tops are perfect for that.

03:51 Schurenberg: The one question you want to answer now so that people don't have to ask you during the ask Gary anything hour, which is going to start in the Dell booth right after this.

04:03 Vaynerchuk: I don't have one, Eric, because very honestly the reason I'm... How long am I sitting at the Dell booth?

04:09 Schurenberg: An hour, I think.

04:10 Vaynerchuk: The reason I'm doing it is this is fun. I love width. I love to be able to come up here, sit in front everybody, get awareness, now you know who I am, blah blah blah. Do my thing. I know I'm good at it. It's good. This was good for my brand. A bunch of you will follow me. All that stuff's great. And that's width. And that's how we all think. It's hunting. Width, but I love depth. I love the fact that I'm gonna get to know 30-40 of you right now, much deeper. Spend six minutes with you, answer your real question, 'cause that leaves a different emotional relationship for each of us. And so, I want them to ask whatever they want. Nothing really comes to mind.

04:47 Schurenberg: Alright, good. I thought you might answer that way. Alright folks, you can go deeper with Gary at the Dell booth, right after this. For now lets get the one and only Gary Vaynerchuk a send off. Gary.


05:02 Vaynerchuk: Thank you.