Video Transcript

00:09 Eric Schurenberg: Gary, your story is ridiculously entrepreneurial, you are like an entrepreneur with central casting. We didn't get to that in the intro, but you can tell the story better than anyone. So, tell us the Gary V story.

00:22 Gary Vaynerchuk: Sure. Let me just ask real quick. How many people were here... How many people were not here for two years ago when I spoke, just raise your hands. I'm just trying to get a sense. Alright. Good majority. Okay. So, actually how many of you have no idea who I am? Raise your hands. Fuck! Wow! [laughter] That hurts.

00:40 Schurenberg: Yeah.

00:41 Vaynerchuk: No, but this is a dirty little secret, right? You can have a million Twitter followers, you could do all the TV, but like the world's fragmented, right? There's a lot of niche. I'm not on TV. So, the fact of the matter is it's fragmented. So, since there are so many that don't, I'll go real fast.

00:54 Vaynerchuk: I was born in Belarus, the former Soviet Union. I came here when I was three. We were ridiculously poor, I lived with nine family members in a studio apartment the size of this table. My dad got a job as a stock boy in a liquor store. He eventually lived the American dream, saved all his money. But, by the way, funny thing happens when you don't spend any money from 1980 to 1984. You actually have some, right? So, he used that to buy a small liquor store. I grew up very entrepreneurial, lemonade stands, eight of them, baseball cards, selling $2000-$3000 a weekend when I was 13-14 in the malls of New Jersey. I don't know about you guys, but when you have $30,000 in cash under your bed and you're 14, and you're not selling weed, you're doing a good job.


01:41 Vaynerchuk: So, dad dragged me into liquor store when I'm 14, I hate it, two bucks an hour. I realized people collect wine the way they collect baseball cards at 16, fall in love with it, joined the family business at 22, and really start driving operations, launch in 1996, very early second e-commerce wine business. And in a very short period grew up from a four to a $45 million business, kept innovating, started a wine show on YouTube in 2006 called Wine Library TV. It was me, thank you. It was me sitting in front of a table like this, drinking four bottles of wine for about 25 minutes at a time.


02:24 Vaynerchuk: And hundreds of thousands of people watched it. That brought me some internet fame. I used Twitter and Facebook and Tumblr in 2008 and 2009 to build that show, and I had an epiphany. I was like, "Wait a minute, I've spent a lot of money on SEO and SEM on banner re-targeting, on direct mail, on radio, on television and full page ads in a wine spectator, all this stuff and this did this." Look at this new thing. I'm not spending money, I'm spending time, I'm spending effort. But look at this new thing, I'm driving real business and it's not costing on me. So, I jumped all in.

03:00 Vaynerchuk: Basically in 2009 I was spending ... I don't know, 12 hours a day on Twitter, right? A day. And I was running a big business at the time, I was realizing the ROI of engagement, and now I'm... And that led to speaking, the books. 2009, I started a social media agency with my brother, AJ. We do content and strategy meaning big brands like GE, and Dove and Mountain Dew, we do the posts on Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Pinterest. We engage on those platforms. And we've grown from 20 to 285 people in the last 24 months. And I'm gonna buy the New York Jets.


03:42 Schurenberg: When?

03:44 Vaynerchuk: I don't know when, but I'm a 100% positive I will. I also invested in Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr in 2008, so that's helping. It's just a matter of time, Eric.

03:57 Schurenberg: Like five years, 10 years.


03:59 Vaynerchuk: No. I'm not the kind of person that builds instant wealth. I'm a marathon runner. The reason social media works for me, and doesn't work for most of you, and I'm not kidding 'cause I love you, 'cause I'm also a sprinter. But I also have marathon DNA, is I'm patient, I'm real patient. I'm not looking for the ROI of just this minute or the next six months, right? And so, 57, I'm 37... I don't know, 20 years feels right.

04:22 Schurenberg: 20 years. Alright. We'll hold you to it.

04:25 Vaynerchuk: Okay.