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00:08 Eric Schurenberg: Listen, I want to put a question about Gary V to you.

00:12 S Gary Vaynerchuk: I don't wanna stop that...

00:14 Schurenberg: You're one of those guys who did work, and probably still does work, a 100 hours a week. But your Twitter bio says that you put family first. So, how do you reconcile those two?

00:29 Vaynerchuk: Listen, this is a very personal thing for all of us, right? First of all, I won that game before I started playing that game. I married Lizzie because I heavily over communicated to her during our courtship. I'm talking like second, third date when I knew I wanted to marry this woman. I'm like hey, like on our third date, think about this ladies, on the third date, I'm like, Listen, you're going to think that when I tell you I'm not gonna to do that many things with the kids, or sometimes I'm gonna to have to do something, that you don't care right now 'cause you're 24 and that's far from now, and it's no big deal.

01:03 Vaynerchuk: But I'm telling you right to your face, that I'm a workaholic, I wanna to buy the New York Jets. And there's gonna be a time when little girl Vaynerchuk's gonna have a dance recital, and I'm gonna have to go to Tokyo and I may pick Tokyo. Sometimes I won't, but sometimes I will. And you need to be cool with that. She was cool with that. And so it's a constant battle, I actually went the other way. She probably did trick me, like I'm stunned how much I'm spending time on the weekends at home. Like I'm stunningly proud of myself, like I really started checking out on the weekends. If anybody's struggling with this, I've got one piece of advice for somebody who really did struggle with this, and continues, but has definitely found it better last 15 months. All the magic is in the extremities. What I've done now, instead of being half pregnant, which is sometimes randomly coming home to give Misha a bath, or this and that, or always worrying about it. I pretty much have structured, I'm working 7:00 AM to 11:00 PM Monday through Friday. All in, and then the weekends I'm all in on the family, and I'm vacationing more. And net-net, I'm spending dramatically more time than that helter-skelter trying to make it work, not trying to make it work. So it might work for somebody out there, I hope it does, 'cause this is the one issue that I have the most passion for. Because family is the game.

02:17 Schurenberg: Yeah, family is a game. It's a tough one though, for entrepreneurs.

02:22 Vaynerchuk: Yeah, because your business is your family, right? And I love my business so much, it hurts to even say it. And then if you're an entrepreneur like me, there's another dynamic. And this is not for everybody, because most of the people I work with are not like this. But I am an HR... I am manic over my employees. Like not only do I love my business, it pisses me off how much I love my employees. And I mean that, 'cause now all of a sudden, you've got a bigger family, right? And they all have their own headaches. But yeah, when you treat your business that way, listen, I love my clients more than I love myself, and I love my employees 10 times more than I love my clients. When you roll that way, it becomes an emotionally exhausting life.