Video Transcript

00:11 Gary Vaynerchuk: If there's one thing I would tell people about social network social media, especially entrepreneurs, it would be patience. Listen, I'm an entrepreneur, and I'm crazy, and I'm intense, and I'm very impatient in many ways. But my patience is why social made so much sense to me. Social, unlike SEM and SEO, unlike email marketing, unlike direct mail, unlike most things is a marathon in a sprint world. Marketing is a sprint, and social is this really kind of like difficult matrix for people to figure out because it can be at times a sprint, but far more often, it's about lifetime value. It's about percentage of wallet's spent, and so I would say to take it seriously, but to understand, to get results, you're looking at a little bit of time. You have to bring value first to what I like to say guilt, but be entitled to get value in return because this is a human platform. It's not just a push platform.