Video Transcript

00:11 Gary Vaynerchuk: B2B is probably the most perplexing thing to me because I think B2B has a real play in social, but most people don't. B2B you actually know who your customer is. So if you go to LinkedIn and you map the names, and then you search those names on Google and add the word Twitter and Facebook, and you follow those people you start getting into insights and data on who those people are and what they're into and then you use that data to actually do business with them. So if they are fans of the San Francisco Giants or Mario Batali or skiing, they're gonna put that out on Twitter and on Facebook. You can use that information to basically leverage a bigger opportunity within B2B. If I'm trying to track down a CMO of a Fortune 500 company that Banner Media can use, and I'm following her on Twitter and I see that she's a huge Detroit Pistons fan, I can use that data to maybe send her a Pistons shirt in the mail and say good luck tonight on opening tip off. That's a way to really show that I'm paying attention and I care and maybe sparks a conversation. So there's really a lot of ways B2B can work, you just gotta put in the work to map who and then you gotta map what they care about.