It goes without saying that you should always be looking for ways to provide others with value. I talk about this a lot, and I advise all companies to create content that brings value to their customer; create a media site, write articles, make videos, gain leverage and new customers through building these relationships. It is the number one way to sell a product right now.

But there's another side to this that I don't often bring up.

This other side is just as important as providing that value. Because when you're giving people something you know they will need and enjoy, it's because you're building up a relationship that could some day mean something, right? A business opportunity or dinner or drinks or a new job? Well, of course. All relationships need to be a two way street to be functional. But really, before any of that happens: you need to give with zero expectation of return.

You'll perceive the world differently, and be a better person because of it.

I'm serious. I do it and I am much happier for it. This is the talent I was born with, and it's a quality I look for in others. It's also an enormous competitive advantage if you're born with it; you automatically have a leg up on so many other people in life because you are never distressed waiting for your "payment" to come in. You just give and you're happier for it.

Because the truth is, people like people. We're wired for it. And people do business with other people. So when you learn to generally give to those people without expecting them to do something in return, you win. You'll perceive the world differently, and if we're being honest be a better person because of it.

Now, I don't know if this something you can teach; I just have it. It's there. I didn't cultivate my lack of expectation over time. Unfortunately, there are no "lack of expectation" exercises to get better at it. You just have to work on it, day by day, like any other change of perception you might go through.

So I can't instill it in you for you. You have to do that on your own. But I will say this: if you were born with it, triple down on it. Don't suppress it. Don't let the cynics tell you that you're being too nice, or you're not getting anything in life by doing it. They're wrong. It is enormous leverage in life, and I highly recommend it.

--This story first appeared on Medium.