Looking to find and keep good employees in these days of low unemployment and competition for skilled workers? These 17 technologies will help.


Unemployment is down and the competition for good people is fierce. Smart business owners are using these technologies to help them find the best employees.

ZipRecruiter - Will enable you to find quality candidates by posting a job to 100+ leading job boards and social networks with one click, with job seekers getting email alerts for postings that are tailor made for their skill set and location.

Hired - The more than 2,500 employers who use this service get access to a hand-picked pool of candidates on their online marketplace who are interested in new roles, based on a detailed interview and selection process that saves them time qualifying candidates.

Work4 - Has a unique algorithm that focuses on Facebook for extending your brand, driving candidates from the social media site and finding employees that may not even have been looking for a job in the first place.

Jobvite - Already more than a decade old and serving customers in a 160 countries is helping companies hire talent using a proprietary and analytics-driven recruiting platform that includes application tracking, social recruiting, nurturing, engagement, branding and mobile communications.

Greenhouse - An end to end recruiting application that provides functions for identifying, sourcing and interviewing candidates with tools to help your workgroup decide on the right person and then onboard that person into the company.

Checkr - Provides a streamlined, fast and mobile background checking component to your recruiting efforts that integrates with many HR applications.


These are technologies and services that set your company apart from the competition by letting you offer a good bag of perks to your prospective and current employees. Some examples:

AnyPerk - Preferred pricing on hundreds of products and services nationwide that don't expire and recur monthly. The company also provides a rewards recognition platform and detailed analytics to track employee savings and determine which are the most popular perk categories.

Perkspot - Provides a perks platform specifically tailored for small businesses including a company branded site, thousands of national and local deals, a travel center, corporate cell phone pricing and wellness programs.

Uncover - Automatically send new perks to your employees on a monthly basis, based on their choice of favorite services. Also offers an on-demand capability to send those employees who go above and beyond special rewards.

Online-Rewards - Another popular service offering employee wellness, recognition, service and safety rewards using a combination of merchandise, gift cards, debit cards and travel vouchers, with international fulfillment available too.

Financial Management

It was recently reported that most Americans have less than $1,000 in savings - so it's clear that many of us could use a little help managing our finances. Good employers are using new technologies to provide a personal financial advisor for their employees. Here are a few good ones:

Gradifi - A large number of the more than 50 million Millennials in this country struggle to pay their student loans. Gradifi offers a service that manages employer contributions to paying down these loans determined by eligibility, amount, frequency and duration to help employees get out of debt faster and begin saving for other important things.

HelloWallet - Founded in 2009, this service aims to help employees make the most of their paycheck and benefits and helps employers meet the needs of their workforce by offering tools to assist in budgeting and spending, with incentive rewards when goals are met.

Zebit - An interest-free way for employees to pay for purchases over time on each pay date, without using credit cards and costly short term loans. Zebit offers thousands of name brand products at retail prices with no markups or hidden fees as well as financial education and access to no-cost financing for those employers that sign up.

Learnvest - offers your employees a dedicated 24/7 financial planner that, using the site's online tools, programs classes and articles, will help them build a customized financial plan that will include building emergency savings, contributing to retirement and paying down personal debt.

Well Being

Study after study shows that companies with healthier employees have lower healthcare costs. So how to get your employees healthy while still having fun?

Care - Offers an enormous resource of child, adult and pet caring providers through a unified platform that can be administered by an employer who wants to offer care-giving services as a benefit to those employees who need it.

Shapeup - Offers wellness programs in a single, intuitive interface with personalized program recommendations to individual employees. The service also offers over a dozen team competitions, challenges, rewards plus weight loss and nutrition programs, as well as personalized assessments. Coaching is also provided.

Zipongo - Founded with the goal of providing both individuals and families an achievable and enjoyable prescription for healthy living. Like Shapeup, Zipongo's nutrition solutions combines individual preferences, health goals, and biometric data to deliver customized nutrition guidance, information, and incentives to employees.