A code of conduct is a set of decisions about how you intend to live and work. Most professions have an official code of conduct, but (as far as I know) salespeople don't.

If you interview the very best salespeople, you discover that they've made similar life decisions that comprise an unspoken code of conduct. Here it is:

  1. I will keep a positive attitude about my work, my job, my life, my company, my customers, and even my competitors.
  2. I will keep my pipeline filled with leads, no matter what, so that I always have prospects under development.
  3. I will share my leads with other salespeople when I have so many that I can't reasonably develop them all.
  4. I will regularly contact my old customers to confirm that they're still happy with whatever they purchased.
  5. I will take at least one action every day to improve my sales skills, business acumen, and personal development.
  6. I will prioritize my activities each day so that I do the most important tasks first, rather than tasks that are merely urgent.
  7. I will take care of my physical body to whatever degree I'm able, because I know that a positive attitude depends on remaining healthy.
  8. I will forgive the silly people at my company who don't get that selling is the reason that our company exists.
  9. I will help my customers to buy only what's right for them and what they truly need, even if that's not what I'm selling.
  10. I will give some portion of my time and money to those who are less fortunate...because that's what truly successful people do.

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