Contrary to popular belief, it's easy to become successful in any and every industry or environment, provided you make these ten easy tweaks to your success plan:

1. Earn some college degrees.

Scientific studies have shown that you can make more money and advance more quickly if you earn a few college degrees, especially if they're in finance, law and engineering.

2. Obtain extensive business experience.

If you plan on getting a job in a corporation, it can really speed your advancement if you've already been working for many years in a similar environment and industry.

3. Increase your EQ and IQ.

Learning to sense the emotions of your coworkers while simultaneously creating brilliant ideas will help you to achieve more in the long run.

4. Become friends with a billionaire.

It's easier to get ahead in business if your best friend is there to help you along with his or her valuable experience and venture capital.

5. Know the right people.

Business is all about relationships, so if you're going to spend time with people, make sure that they're the right people who can advance your career quickly.

6. Sell something unique that everyone wants.

Most entrepreneurs agree that revenue growth is quicker when your product has universal appeal and no competition. It also helps if your product is addictive.

7. Make a lot of money.

It's been said that "money greases wheels" so it's an excellent idea to become wealthy before attempting to implement your success plan.

8. Develop invaluable expertise.

Developing expertise is a good idea because most executives and managers value expertise in their employees.

9. Become taller and more attractive.

Surveys show that short and unattractive people face many extra challenges in the workplace. Who needs that?

10. Read more self-help blogs.

Knowledge is power so you should spend your entire workday reading as many self-help blogs as possible, especially those posted on April 1st.