However, to quote another great motivational speaker in a famous movie: "Why so serious?"

Enough of the serious.  The videos in this post are not worth an MBA and are neither inspirational nor motivational. But they're funny as all get out, IMHO.

More than that, they illustrate some fairly important truths about human behavior and the realities of the business world.


1. Compost-fueled cars.

Tesla is now seen as one of the great innovative companies in the world.  But what if there's an even better way to propel automobiles... while increasing our ability to recycle?

2. Loudness equals power.

In the information age, it's difficult to break through the noise and get your message across. This innovator uses a combination of technology and psychology to ensure that every audience takes heed and listens.

3. Ducks and chickens.

As the old saying goes, "you can either soar like an eagle or flock like a duck." In this disarmingly simple presentation, we learn to differentiate clearly between the avians of the business world.

4. The biggest Rock.

Every entrepreneur thinks he or she has discovered the biggest idea... the one that will create success and change the world.  But the question still remains: has that entrepreneur found the biggest rock?

5. The power of social media.

No technology has ever had a bigger effect on our business culture than social media. In this groundbreaking presentation, we learn of the true power of social media to increase a company's value proposition.

6. The value of patience.

In a world where everything moves so quickly, it's essential to cultivate the value of patience. Science shows that attentions spans are growing shorter each year and the ability to delay gratification is a strong indicator of life success.

7. A truly innovative app.

Never has the saying "Yes, there's an app for that" been more meaningful. In a world where innovation disrupts industries everywhere, it's encouraging to realize there are still frontiers to conquer.

8. Maximize your brainpower.

It's been said that the human brain is more powerful than all the digital computers in the world combined. Here's an astounding concept: what if you could harness all of that enormous power at the same time?

9. Land the perfect job.

Millennials face many challenges in today's difficult job market. Fortunately, there's a tried and true way for young people to succeed, especially in the meritocracy of the American business world.

10. The power of selling out.

Every business plan should have both a monetization strategy and a viable exit strategy. This creative young entrepreneur used the power of disruptive innovation to establish a strong financial future for his startup.