November is Thanksgiving month in the USA, so I thought it would be a good time to write down everything that makes me feel a deep sense of gratitude. Here's my list:

  1. Art--because it deepens your emotions.
  2. Beauty--because it exalts and inspires.
  3. Beginnings--because everything has one.
  4. Books--because they cultivate your mind.
  5. Cable--because 120 channels is cool.
  6. Cats--because they're so independent.
  7. Challenges--because without them there's no achievement.
  8. Change--because it's the only way to grow.
  9. Clothes--because they hide our flaws.
  10. Coaches--because they push us to excel.
  11. Comedians--because they make us laugh.
  12. Computers--because they're so d*mn useful.
  13. Connections--because they're the soul of business.
  14. Conversation--because that's how we share ideas.
  15. Creativity--because it makes the world anew.
  16. Dancing--because it's joy in motion.
  17. Daydreams--because they reveal deep desires.
  18. Disappointment--because without it there'd be no surprises.
  19. Doctors--because they help us get healthy.
  20. Dogs--because they're always glad you're home.
  21. Education--because to live fully, you must constantly learn.
  22. Electricity--because steam-punk is SO over.
  23. Endings--because forever would be boring.
  24. Experience--because it happens no matter what.
  25. Facebook--because... oops, I mean Tumblr.
  26. Failure--because it defines your successes.
  27. Family--because it provides the "why".
  28. Food--because being hungry sucks.
  29. Forgiveness--because it eases the heart.
  30. Friends--because they're fun to hang with.
  31. Future--because it's full of wonder.
  32. Games--because they hone your mind.
  33. Gardens--because you can sense life growing.
  34. Generosity--because it warms both hearts.
  35. Gifts--because opening them is fun.
  36. Health--because it's the keystone of pleasure.
  37. Heartbreak--because you must have one before it can break.
  38. Helping--because it shows that we care.
  39. History--because otherwise we'd repeat it.
  40. Hobbies--because they're interesting to talk about.
  41. Home--because you always come back to it.
  42. Honesty--because lies are hurtful.
  43. Hope--because it springs eternal.
  44. Hugs--because they bring people closer.
  45. Insight--because it solves problems.
  46. Inspiration--because it sets your stretch goals.
  47. Internet--because, well, cat videos.
  48. Kindness--because it makes the world a nicer place.
  49. Language--because grunting only gets you so far.
  50. Laughter--because it makes you lighthearted.
  51. Laws--because without them there'd be chaos.
  52. Life--because the alternative is death.
  53. Listening--because it's better than talking.
  54. Love--because it makes the world go 'round.
  55. Marriage--because you find your "better half."
  56. Memories--because they give perspective.
  57. Mistakes--because they're the best way to grow.
  58. Money--because it makes business possible.
  59. Moon--because its nice to kiss under.
  60. Mountains--because they point the way upwards.
  61. Music--because it raises your spirit.
  62. Nature--because it grounds you to earth.
  63. News--because knowledge is power.
  64. Nurses--because they care when you're sick.
  65. Oceans--because they're always in motion.
  66. Opportunities--because that's how you make money.
  67. Parents--because where would you be without them?
  68. Peace--because war is absurd and stupid.
  69. Perspective--because it helps create balance.
  70. Poetry--because it goes beyond words.
  71. Possibilities--because they're all around us.
  72. Purpose--because without one you're pointless.
  73. Relationships--because they're what make us human.
  74. Restaurants--because you don't have to do the dishes.
  75. Reunions--because they bring past joys to the present.
  76. Romance--because it's a wondrous madness.
  77. Science--because it tells us about the real world.
  78. Selling--because it's making dreams come true.
  79. Service--because it's the reason people buy things.
  80. Sewers--because the alternative stinks.
  81. Sex--because...well, you know.
  82. Sharing--because a joy shared is twice the joy.
  83. Sleep--because... (yawn) goodnight.
  84. Smiles--because they make everyone more attractive.
  85. Soap--because everybody used to smell bad.
  86. Sports--because they extend the human spirit.
  87. Stars--because they're a billion points of light.
  88. Success--because it's why we bother.
  89. Sunrises--because they're a new beginning.
  90. Sunsets--because they cap a perfect day.
  91. Taxes--because they're the price of civilization.
  92. Teachers--because if there weren't any you wouldn't be reading this.
  93. Technology--because stone axes don't cut it.
  94. Transportation--because it's now so easy.
  95. Travel--because it broadens your mind.
  96. Veterans--because they risked everything.
  97. Vision--because it creates innovation.
  98. Wealth--because it multiplies itself.
  99. Wisdom--because foolishness is so common.
  100. Work--because it's how you make a difference.
  101. Yourself--because YOU are why you're unique.