A while back, I posted a short list of reasons to start your own business. Readers sent in suggestions and I've also thought of more reasons, so here goes.

If you want to start your own business and aren't quite ready to take the leap, here's some motivation to get to you take action today:

1. You can do a work out whenever you want.

2. You can give the finger to the lousy bosses you used to work for.

3. You can enjoy a nice day by going for a walk.

4. You can laugh, laugh, laugh at people who are still in the rat race.

5. You can organize your own workspace with consulting anybody else.

6. You can take a break to play a computer game whenever you want.

7. You can take a day off to binge watch a Netflix release.

8. You can tell everyone that you're the CEO.

9. You can throw away your alarm clock.

10. You get a private office where you control the amount of distraction.

11. You get more passion in your life by doing what truly brings you joy.

12. You get some really cool tax write-offs.

13. You get to be justifiably be proud that you've taken the leap of faith.

14. You get to know you're on the road to financial independence.

15. You get to browse and watch NSFW stuff whenever you want.

16. You can call yourself an "entrepreneur" without the quote marks.

17. You can celebrate when you win and pivot when you lose.

18. You can decide how much you want to work each week.

19. You get to design your your own business model.

20. You can pick and choose who you work with.

21. You get to learn more about the world of business from every different angle.

22. You get to say when you travel on business, not your boss.

23. You set the salary that you pay yourself.

24. You have the satisfaction of knowing that you're taking action.

25. You might succeed beyond your wildest dreams.

26. You will be establishing yourself as an independent individual.

27. You won't be a cog in somebody else's machine.

28. You won't be pestered by bored coworkers who want to chat.

29. You won't be sexually harassed.

30. You won't have "woulda-shoulda-coulda" regrets about never trying.

31. You won't have a boss looking over your shoulder.

32. You won't have to donate money to a wedding of somebody you barely know.

33. You won't have to kowtow to some tool from corporate headquarters.

34. You won't have to laugh at your boss's stupid jokes.

35. You won't have to listen to a coworker's boring presentation.

36. You get work where you want to work like outside or in a cafe.

37. You'll be learn plenty of interesting things about your customers.

38. You'll acquire the resilience to shrug off your mistakes.

39. You'll always know you possess true courage.

40. You'll be able to fund causes in which you, personally, truly believe.

41. You'll be captain of your own destiny not crewman on someone else's.

42. You'll be creating something that's unique to you.

43. You'll be creating the life you want to live.

44. You'll be helping make the world a better place.

45. You'll become a role model for friends and family.

46. You'll burnish your resume (if you ever want a regular job again.)

47. You'll can say "I told you so" to those who didn't believe in you.

48. You'll eventually get to laugh at the mistakes you made.

49. You'll find opportunities to mentor those want to start their own business.

50. You'll focus on developing your strengths and leveraging your weaknesses.

51. You'll gain self-awareness as you learn and grow.

52. You'll get a 10 second commute from bedroom to home office.

53. You'll get a new opportunity to learn every day.

54. You'll have plenty of challenges and never be bored.

55. You'll have the right to take a nap whenever you want.

56. You'll know that you made your mark on the world.

57. You'll learn how to sell--the world's most useful business skill.

58. You'll meet more interesting people, especially other entrepreneurs.

59. You'll never again hear somebody say "out of the box thinking."

60. You'll never get see credit for your work stolen by a coworker or boss.

61. You'll never have to work in one of those dreadful open plan offices.

62. You'll never have to worry about getting canned in the next layoff.

63. You'll never hear somebody say: "you're all talk and no action."

64. You'll never suffer through another performance review.

65. You'll never wonder "why am I in this stupid meeting."

66. You're allowed to wear whatever you want.

67. Your work will be more interesting because you're running the show.

68-82. You'll be able to avoid the 15 types of toxic coworkers.

83-93. You'll never have to deal with the 11 types of irritating bosses.

94-100. You can completely ignore these 7 stupid management fads.

101. You won't have to read listicles like this any longer.