At the end of each year, I review and recommend the best business books in multiple categories, culminating with my best of the best list. The categories I've posted so far are:

This post is a bit different. It describes 12 likely bestsellers that you should preorder today as gifts for the business-minded people in your life. Because they'll be hot off the presses, you'll know the recipient won't already have a copy.

With the exception of Love the Hustle (which was too cool to leave out), these books can be ordered today for delivery (gift-wrapped) by December 25th. To make things easier for you, the book covers link directly to Amazon.

Note: I've only provided the best quote for books that have publicly released excerpts.

1. Presence

Subtitle: Bringing Your Boldest Self to Your Biggest Challenges

Author: Amy Cuddy

Available: December 22, 2015

Five-Second Summary: The famous TED talker presents research on body-mind feedback and provides simple techniques for using posture and facial expression to overcome fear and perform well during high-pressure moments.

Best Quote: "Presence is the state of being attuned to and able to comfortably express our true thoughts, feelings, values, and potential. That's it. It is not a permanent, transcendent mode of being. It comes and goes. It is a moment-to-moment phenomenon. Presence emerges when we feel personally powerful, which allows us to be acutely attuned to our most sincere self."

2. How to Retire With Enough Money

Subtitle: And How to Know What Enough Is

Author: Teresa Ghilarducci

Available: December 15, 2015

Five-Second Summary: Explains why you need eight to 10 times your annual salary before retirement, basic principles that will make the money grow, and some workable ideas to get current expenses under control.

3. The Very Little but Very Powerful Book on Closing

Subtitle: Ask the Right Questions, Transfer the Value, Create the Urgency, and Win the Sale

Author: Jeffrey Gitomer

Available: December 7, 2015

Five-Second Summary: The world's deservedly most popular sales trainer provides five simple steps for building relationships, creating partnerships, and closing deals at your price and on your terms.

Best Quote: "The experts define closing as: asking a question, the answer to which confirms the sale. After you ask this all-important question, it is critical that you follow the golden rule of selling ... after you ask a closing question, shut up! The next person who speaks, loses."

4. Organize Tomorrow Today

Subtitle: 8 Ways to Retrain Your Mind to Optimize Performance at Work and in Life

Authors: Jason Selk and Tom Bartow with Matthew Rudy

Available: December 22, 2015

Five-Second Summary: An Olympic trainer and major league baseball coach explain how great athletes organize their time and apply self-discipline and daily drills to get and remain focused, confident, and energized to achieve.

Best Quote: "One of the biggest mistakes people make in business and in life is that they try to change too many things too quickly. You see it on New Year's Day, when so many people resolve to change everything they eat and go to the gym five times a week. After a burst of early enthusiasm for the new goal, reality sets in, and it gets harder and harder to cope with all the wrenching changes. At that point, it only takes a few days of 'failure' to get discouraged and pitch the whole plan. The key to high-level success is to pick one thing to change--yes, just one--and master it."

5. Driven to Delight

Subtitle: Delivering World-Class Customer Experience the Mercedes-Benz Way

Author: Joseph Michelli

Available: December 8, 2015

Five-Second Summary: Explains how Mercedes-Benz USA catapulted to first-place rankings in national customer satisfaction studies while at the same time growing sales and profits, along with suggestions how other companies can mimic that success.

6. The Hybrid Sales Channel

Subtitle: How to Ignite Growth by Bridging the Gap Between Direct and Indirect Sales

Author: Rich Blakeman

Available: December 4, 2015

Five-Second Summary: Provides a new model for coordinating the process of selling directly to customers with the process of selling indirectly through partners, without the channel conflict that all too frequently puts salespeople at odds with partners.

7. Take Your Soul to Work

Subtitle: 365 Meditations on Every Day Leadership

Author: Erica Brown

Available: December 1, 2015

Five-Second Summary: A collection of daily meditations to encourage leaders to steer their organizations with honesty, grace, and courage, experiencing and enhancing their own spirituality through that process.

8. What Great Trainers Do

Subtitle: The Ultimate Guide to Delivering Engaging and Effective Learning

Authors: Robert Bolton and Dorothy Grover Bolton

Available: December 9, 2015

Five-Second Summary: A how-to guide for in-house training with specific techniques to make workshops more dynamic through lavish use of visual aids, interactive presentations, as well as hands-on demonstrations.

Best Quote: "Too many trainers have to struggle with material they haven't had a chance to fully master while confronting difficult group dynamics they haven't been given the skills to address. When one is struggling with a difficult training session and not doing it particularly well, the whole debacle is happening on center stage, with 20 or more people watching a trainer agonize and try to improvise some way out of a bad situation. Of course, training isn't always this rough, but a few bad incidents in quick succession or a series of mediocre workshops can be very punishing experiences."

9. The Seven Secrets of Germany

Subtitle: Economic Resilience in an Era of Global Turbulence

Authors: David B. Audretsch and Erik E. Lehmann

Available: December 1, 2015

Five-Second Summary: How Germany harnessed government investment, unionization, and universal health care coverage to take advantage of globalization while maintaining a high standard of living, quality of life, and degree of economic prosperity.

Best Quote: "Germany has managed not only to transform and upgrade its economic performance, but has done so precisely during an era when most of its neighbors on the continent and even other partners in the developed world, are struggling against economic stagnation and despair."

10. Rewire

Subtitle: A Radical Approach to Tackling Diversity and Difference

Authors: Chris Yates and Pooja Sachdev

Available: December 3, 2015

Five-Second Summary: Despite decades of effort, corporations have failed to become more diverse. This book provides a step-by-step approach to "rewiring our fundamental psychological processes" in order to drive change with individuals, organizations, and cultures.

11. Love the Hustle

Subtitle: 10 Steps to Earn More and Be More--One Woman's Journey From Struggling Temp to Thriving CEO

Author: Elle Kaplan

Available: December 25, 2015

Five-Second Summary: The world's only female owner of an asset management firm describes her rise from receptionist to CEO in 10 short years.

12. Be a Mindsetter

Subtitle: The Essential Guide to Inspire, Influence, and Impact Others

Authors: Michael Gobran, William Greenwald, and Derek Roberts

Available: December 3, 2015

Five-Second Summary: A simple, four-step method for communicating more effectively and memorably based upon current trends in neuroscience.

Best Quote: "While boiling down content into its core, vital message is a lot of work up front, reducing information to its all good message or messages and focusing your intent ensures that the person who sees, hears, or reads your message has a better chance of remembering what you have to say."