While Twitter is only eight years old, it's become a major form of business communication. If you're like me, though, you want to follow only those feeds that are interesting, informative, and useful on your quest for success. Here are 23 of them:

1. Bob Sutton @work_matters

The reality checker. In my experience, most business writers tend to pull their punches. Sutton is the kind of no-nonsense plain talker who would and did publish a book entitled The No Asshole Rule. His Twitter feed is equally outspoken.

2. Brian Clark @brianclark

The tweeter's tweeter. What I like about Clark's feed is that he frequently provides links to blog posts by other business writers. Every time I follow one of those links, I learn something important.

3. Chris Brogan @broganmedia

The prophet of ownership. There are plenty of reasons to start your own business, but there are few people who can explain the advantages or provide how-to information as articulately and straightforwardly as Brogan.

4. Chris Guillebeau @ChrisGuillebeau

The world traveler. The majority of business writers focus solely on the U.S., with a nod to Asia and a shrug for Europe. Guillebeau brings an international perspective to how business works everywhere in the world.

5. Dan Roam @dan_roam

The visual explainer. Roam's Twitter feed doesn't have a lot of followers (yet), but it's essential if you're into honing your visual communication skills. Following the links on his tweets will improve your presentations. Trust me on this.

6. Daniel Pink @DanielPink

The salesman of selling. Actually, Pink's writing and thinking goes far beyond the world of selling, as does his Twitter feed. However, even if all he ever wrote was his groundbreaking book To Sell Is Human, his Twitter feed would have to be on this list.

7. Derek Halpern @DerekHalpern

The master of social media. Halpern "gets" what's happening in the world of online communications better than just about anyone else out there. His tweets are always thoughtful and relevant. Be prepared to think, though.

8. Freakonomics @Freakonomics

The iconoclasts of economics. You've probably read (or heard about) their books (Freakonomics and Think Like a Freak). Somehow these guys manage to make economic statistics as interesting as sports statistics. They're funny, too.

9. Guy Kawasaki @GuyKawasaki

The great evangelist. Kawasaki pioneered the entire concept of product evangelism, which lies at the root of most of the successful marketing campaigns of the past 30 years. His Twitter feed is eclectic, funny, and frequently surprising. Don't miss it.

10. Inc. Magazine @Inc

Nuff said.

11. Jason Fried @jasonfried

The renaissance man. Many of Fried's tweets are about business, but just as many are about the wider world. He has such a huge range of interests that his Twitter feed is always entertaining.

12. Jeff Bussgang @bussgang

The king of VC. Bussgang probably understands more about the world of venture capital than anyone else who's not currently doing it. He brings an investor's perception to the wide world of making your business successful.

13. Joanne Black @referralsales

The network builder. Back when everybody in the sales world was still jabbering about cold calls and websites, Black was teaching people how to connect on a one-to-one basis. In today's world of social media, such skills are of the utmost importance.

14. John Jantsch @ducttape

The great simplifier. What I like best about Jantsch is that he takes the complexities of the business world (specifically sales and marketing) and makes them easy to understand. He truly is the "duct tape" of the business world.

15. Michael Hyatt @MichaelHyatt

High energy on steroids. I'm just kidding about the steroids part, but there's no question that Hyatt brings a powerful and positive perspective on the challenges of achieving success. His Twitter feed pushes you to accomplish your best!

16. Clara Shih @clarashih

Mistress of social media. Clara figured out way back in 2010 how companies could make money through social media. (Read: The Facebook Era.) While her tweets are often about her new company, Hearsay, her retweets are unusually insightful.

17. Penelope Trunk @PenelopeTrunk

The naked truthteller. The fearless Trunk tells the naked truth about everything in her life, not just her experiences with startups and success as a career coach. If any business blog can be considered fine literature, this is it.

18. Richard Branson @RichardBranson

World's hippest entrepreneur. If you don't know about Branson, then you're an intellectual virgin. He's much more than just the CEO of some of the most interesting firms in the world; he's also a deep thinker with a positive message.

19. Seth Godin @ThisIsSethsBlog

The uber-guru of marketing. The main reason to follow Godin's Twitter feed is because it reminds you to read his blog (and gives links), where you'll get a glimpse of a truly original mind at work. Sometimes his posts are WTF? but most of the time they are spot on.

20. Tim Ferriss @tferriss

The king of time management. The grapevine says that Ferriss can be a bit obnoxious in person, but his books (like The Four Hour Work Week) are must-reads for anybody in a fast-paced workplace. His Twitter feed is eclectic and always interesting.

21. Tom Peters @tom_peters

The elder statesman of management. There are few people who have utterly changed the world of business and Peters is definitely one of them. While I'm personally not a big fan of his books, his Twitter feed is creative and, well, full of wisdom.

22. Tony Robbins @TonyRobbins

The master of motivation. I've found that there are plenty of pessimists in this world who dislike Robbins, but I've never met anyone who's been disappointed by his books or his seminars.

23. Geoffrey James @Sales_Source

The guy who wrote this post. I realize that it shows a lot of chutzpah for me to include myself in this list of truly stellar tweeters. Nevertheless, if you like this post, you'll probably like my tweets.