1. More control of your time. You get to decide how much to work each week.
  2. More self-respect. No more kowtowing to some tool in the corner office.
  3. More self-awareness. You'll quickly learn your strengths and weaknesses.
  4. More individuality. You'll never become a cog in your own machine
  5. More originality. You'll be creating something that unique to you.
  6. More positive impact. You'll be helping make the world a better place.
  7. More opportunities to travel. As your business grows, you'll see the world.
  8. More self-development. You'll focus on improving yourself.
  9. More expertise. You'll acquire knowledge about your industry and customers.
  10. More reward for your risk. You might succeed beyond your wildest dreams.
  11. More control of your environment. Your office design is your own decision.
  12. More financial independence. When you make it big, it will all be yours.
  13. More of your own money. You set the salary that you pay yourself.
  14. More opportunities to give. You'll be able to fund causes you truly believe in.
  15. More interesting work. You can delegate the stuff you don't like doing.
  16. More opportunities to teach. You'll get to mentor many of your employees.
  17. More perspective. You'll see the business world from every angle.
  18. More office space. You get to decide how much room you need.
  19. More disposable cash. The tax benefits can be absolutely amazing.
  20. More inspiration. You'll no longer be living a life of desperation.
  21. More opportunities to learn. The possibilities are truly endless.
  22. More recognition. Nobody will ever steal credit for your accomplishments.
  23. More challenges. No matter what, you'll never be bored.
  24. More pride. You'll know that you're truly accomplishing something.
  25. More influence. You'll become a role model for friends and family.
  26. More fun on vacation. When you're taking time off, your boss won't pester you.
  27. More of a legacy. You'll know that you made your mark on the world.
  28. More time not commuting. Say goodbye driving during rush hour.
  29. More resilience. You'll learn to shrug off your mistakes.
  30. More of life's purpose. You'll never wonder "why am I doing this?"
  31. More interesting colleagues. You'll hang out with other entrepreneurs.
  32. More job security. One thing's for sure, you'll never get laid off.
  33. More passion in your life. You'll be doing what truly brings you joy.
  34. More of your dreams fulfilled. You'll create the life you want to live.