Every year, I post the best motivational and inspirational videos that turn up on YouTube. There have been so many good ones this year, that I'm not waiting until December. Here are the must-sees:

1. Prove Them Wrong

This video spoke to me because I encountered a lot of negativity in my writing career and, frankly, in most other parts of my life. Probably the most useful thing I've learned over the years is how to transform other people's negativity in positive motivation.

2. Excuses

Sometimes bad things happen to good people. However, much of the time failure is connected to an unwillingness to take action. Even if you've got an uphill battle to fight, if you just give up, you've lost.

3. Genesee Acapella

When I ran across this hauntingly beautiful video, it had exactly 7 views. I don't know anything about this young singer but I can tell you this much: the record company that signs her will make a heck of a lot of money.

4. Three Years of Motivation

You're never too young to get motivated! BTW, this video is probably inspired by a similar "green screen" motivation speech by Shia LeBeouf that's been pasted into a lot of videos. (I would have included those, but I suspect that Mr. Labeouf was being ironical.

5. Denzel Washington on Motivation

What I like about this video is that it's informal. One of the best actors of our time explains, in simple and easily understood term, the philosophy that motivates him as a mentor and achiever.