There's something about marketing and advertising that brings out the devilishness of video-makers. Here are seven satires that ring all to true to real life:

1. This is a Generic Brand Video

The reason to have a brand is presumably to differentiate yourself from your competitors. Why is it, then, that brand videos all seem to have the same look and feel?

2. Flutter: The New Twitter

Now that tweeting is the standard for day-to-day business communication, the big question is: why doesn't this app really exist?

3. Microsoft Re-Designs the iPod Packaging

While the barb of the satire is Microsoft, the tendency to over-package exists in almost every high tech firm.

4. The Expert

When I was in engineering, I had this conversation at least a dozen times. The solution at the end of video is exactly the right thing to say.

5. Catvertising

Quick historical note: one of the very earliest surviving movie clips (by Thomas Edison no less) consists of two cats boxing.

6. The Creative Process

This video is dead perfect. The enthusiastic blond woman is so true to life that it's absolutely uncanny.

7. The True Value of Social Media

If you've ever watched a TED talk about "disruptive innovation," you'll immediately recognize this speech.