Recently, Michael Affronti, VP of product at Fuze, posted on a list of four reasons why he still wakes up at 4:22 A.M.

OMG, just trying to read about getting up that early made me want to go back to bed. I hold the exact opposite opinion. Here's why you should feel free to wake up later:

1. Because you can.

Since you own your own business, your get to set your own hours. What would be the point of having that freedom if you're still enslaved to a standard work schedule?

2. Late nights? No problem.

When people in the habit of waking up early have to work late, they're zombies the next morning. If you regularly sleep in, working until 2 a.m. is seriously no big deal.

3. You avoid busybodies.

So-called "morning people" are usually at their most perky in the mornings. By sleeping in, you avoid hundreds of annoying conversations.

4. Fewer meetings.

Meetings are the least productive of all human activities. Making yourself unavailable in the mornings limits the number of meetings through which you're forced to suffer.

5. You can skip breakfast.

Breakfasts tend to consist bacon, sausage, eggs, hash browns, and sugary pastries. By getting up at noon, you can move directly to lunch, a generally healthier meal.

6. Sunrise is overrated (or so I hear).

While you might, possibly, enjoy seeing, at least once, one of those "sunrise" things people keep talking about, if you're like me, you'd rather have your beauty rest.

7. Because, uh, technology.

Since the internet and smartphones make you available all the time anyway, what's the advantage of getting up early? None that I can see.