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My previous two posts have been about the difference between IQ and EQ and the importance of developing them both. Most people already know how to get smarter (college, books, etc.), but they may not know how to develop their EQ.

With that in mind, here are seven videos (out of many thousands) that can quickly and efficiently help you realize the full potential of your character traits. I've even included one especially for the unrepentant introverts among us. Enjoy! 

1. Small Hacks That Hone Your Social Skills

This is by the far most useful video in the collection, so I'm putting it first. If you watch only one, watch this one. It presents some very simple techniques that will make you immediately more effective at interacting with people in business situations. 

2. How to Get Better at Small Talk

As somebody who truly hates small talk (speaking or hearing), this video came as a revelation of my own cluelessness.  Small talk is a skill that's so important in business that nobody can really afford to neglect its cultivation.

3. How to Take More Social Risks

While it's a huge mistake to believe that everyone should be an extrovert, it's valuable for introverts to push themselves once in a while. (Just as extroverts should push themselves sometimes to be quiet and alone.) Here's how to risk a bit more.

4. How to Use Your Antisocial Tendencies to Your Advantage

This video is geared toward writers of fiction but I have often used these skills to learn more about business. For example, I've overheard conversations in airports that were almost case studies in how to mismanage people. 

5. How to Tune Your Body Language

Everyone knows that body language is important and there are a number of good videos out there on how to read signals and send better ones.  I chose this video because the presenters are fun to watch and treat the material light-heartedly.

6. How to Exude Self-Confidence

With the sports anecdotes and the easily underscored message, this is probably the most traditional "TED Talk" style video in this collection. Though it's a tad over-polished for my own taste, it's a solid talk and has good information.

7. How to Use the Power of Seduction

This video has a unique perspective on influencing others in social situations. Before seeing this video, I had never really thought about this aspect of communication.  As long as seduction doesn't lapse into manipulation, it's a great social skill for business.