Last week, I revealed the 9 truths that bosses hide from employees.  This week it's the flip side--the secret thoughts that most employees have but would never, ever share with their manager.

1. I'm not all that crazy about this job.

The details: "While I'm outwardly enthusiastic, there's a (fairly big) part of me that thinks that I could be doing something that's more fun or that makes me more money.  Or both.

2. "I butt-kiss when necessary."

The details: "I'm trying to get things done and that sometimes means getting you on my side.  If sucking up to you a little makes my job easier, I'm going to do it. I just pray you believe I'm being sincere."

3. "Your flirting is kinda creepy."

The details: "While it's been said that 'power is the ultimate aphrodisiac,' when you hit on me or anyone else who works with me--even if you think you're being subtle about it--I'm thinking, well, ewwww."

4. "Your jokes aren't that funny."

The details: "I'll chuckle when you tell a joke but (trust me on this) Jay Leno you're not.  However, that's not to say that I don't appreciate the effort because anything that lightens the mood a little is more than welcome."

5. "Your war stories are tedious."

The details: "Yes, yes, you totally rocked it back in the day.  However, that story was only mildly interesting the first time you told it, so can we get back to this decade, please?"

6. "I dread your next fad."

The details: "I cringe every time I see a new business book on your desk.  I know that you're trying to hone your craft as a manager, but please, please, please, don't put us through another 'team building exercise.'  Please."

7. "I'm open to being head-hunted."

The details: "While I'm reasonably satisfied with this job, if somebody calls me out of the blue and asks if I'm interested in something better, I'll be taking a day off to next week to interview, for sure."

8. "I truly, truly appreciate you."

The details: "Despite all of the above, I like it when you coach me and I notice when you secure the resources I need and fight the battles that I can't fight.  I won't tell you this, though, because I'm afraid it might go to your head.

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