Napoléon Bonaparte reputedly said that "un bon croquis vaut mieux qu'un long discours." (A good sketch is better than a long speech.)  

Since most MBA programs involve long lectures, here are some infographics that teach much of what you need to know to survive and thrive in business.

The creator of these infographics is my colleague Ott Jõgi of the collaborative software vendor Weekdone


1. 10 Ways to Be More Efficient

This infographic alone is probably worth an MBA--if you have the courage to follow its advice. The most important point is probably to limit your email usage.

It's all too easy to let external pressures drive your activities. Reading and reacting to email is often just a way to avoid doing the difficult work of creating something new.

2. How to Set Smart Goals

There's little point in spending your time effectively if you don't know why you're spending your time in the first place. 

This infographic lays out a simple formula for picking vivid goals that will motivate you to do what's necessary to achieve them.

3. Cool and Easy Life Hacks

While I've joked about life hacks in the past, the examples in the infographic below are actually pretty good.

This is a good one to print out and hang by the side of your screen in your office.  Meanwhile, here's a  practical solution to workplace noise.

4. How the POTUS Stays Productive

Being the president of the United States is probably world's most demanding job. How does someone do it?

This infographic provides the top techniques of some top presidents, along with Ben Franklin, who created the role. Sadly missing is everyone's favorite, Millard Fillmore.

5. Say No! to Fake Work

I really liked this infographic because it calls BS all the ways that we accidentally demotivate ourselves and those around us.

There's definitely some good advice in this one, especially for that "busy bee" that has become so common in today's offices.

6. How to Set Team Goals

Team goals are almost as important as individual goals. Unfortunately, few managers and team leaders know how to set them.

Even though this was originally posted in 2014, this infographic is full of great advice for undertaking this crucial step to team success.

7. Top 10 Office Distractions

As I've described multiple times, today's work environments, especially the "open office," are a huge productivity drain.

Here are the biggest offenders when it comes to leaching time and effort that could be spent productively.

8. How to Have a Productive Week

While some productivity tips can be implemented immediately, some entail changes to your weekly routine.

Here are some simple weekly tweaks to make yourself gradually more productive, day in and day out.

9. How to Be Happy at Work

Finally, a cute, insightful carton about workplace happiness. This is probably the most succinct "how to manage" document I've ever read.  Kudos to the artist!