According to recent article in The Atlantic, the human brain may actually function as a quantum computer at an atomic level with each neuron containing multiple "qubits" of phosphorous atoms.

If that's the case, then each neuron--yes, each of the 100 billion neurons in your brain--might be--by itself--more complex and powerful than all the digital computers in the world combined!

What's exciting about this discovery, IMHO, is that it allows us to better appreciate the amazing power of our brain to shape our experience. Every moment of existence is the manifestation of a miracle.

With that in mind, here are a collection of posts to help you get the most out of the incredible, rare and valuable resource that is your brain:

Think about it! (Literally!) Even as you read this, your brain is spinning through billions of computations, comparing these words to what you've learned and what you know, extracting meaning from dots on a screen.

As I sit here and write, forming my thoughts into words, I'm doing the same thing in reverse and--here's the real miracle--we are communicating from my brain into your brain.

Wondrous as this is, it's trivial compared to what your brain does every second, sensing everything around you, translating reality into meaning, experience into knowledge. No computer, super or otherwise, will ever do this.

Just by being born, you've been given this incredible gift--an organic technology that evolved uniquely to shape your experience of this world. If nothing else, this is a reason to be grateful, each and every day.

Published on: Nov 11, 2016